Social Media Week - Sep 2011

Social Media Week Glasgow comes along just as the Business Banter model is evolving in a number of new and exciting directions.

Without social media, Business Banter would not have been created, would not have developed and would not have given us the wealth of opportunities to meet new business contacts and partners.

Over the course of Social Media Week Glasgow, we have organised an exciting programme of early morning events in keeping with the traditions of Business Banter with one additional ingredient. At each event, 6 speakers from a range of business areas will outline how they have used social media to develop their own or their client's businesses.

The Business Banter events are part of a global network of events this week and a registration system has been developed to ensure that those who wish to attend each event are able to do so.

Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday

Week Schedule

These five minute micro-presentations are aimed at giving us all some hints and tips to take forward into our use of social media within our own businesses.

We hope you can join with us.

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